The Historic District policies and regulations enumerated in State Statute and the town ordinance are administered by the Harwinton Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, in accordance with statutes and the ordinance.

Regular meetings are held at the Harwinton Town Hall on the third Tuesday of each month (except for legal holidays). Meetings are open to the public, and those interested in historic preservation and the historic districts are encouraged to attend.

No building or structure within the Historic Districts or Historic Properties may be erected, altered, removed, or demolished until a Certificate of Appropriateness as to exterior architectural features has been granted by this commission.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is necessary whether or not a building permit is required. "Exterior architectural features" is defined by statute as "such portion of the exterior of a structure or building as is open to view from a public street, way or place". It can be noted that, contrary to widely held misconceptions of historic district regulations, the color of paint used on the exterior of any building or structure is not controlled by the Historic District Commission. (Connecticut General Statute, Section 7-147d, sub-section c).

Additionally, the Commission advises concerning historic properties, suggests pertinent legislation, initiates planning and zoning proposals, cooperates with other regulatory and civic groups interested in historic preservation, and comments on applications for zoning variations that may affect the Historic Districts. The Commission in Harwinton reports to, consults with, and seeks the assistance of the Commission on Culture and Tourism in Hartford.

Among the benefits of Historic Districts is the assurance they provide to the town and residents a stable environment. It is to this end that the Historic District and Properties Commission address its efforts.