In accordance with administrative regulations and procedures set forth by the town for the Harwinton Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, the Commission is to consider, but not be limited to, a building's historic value, architectural style, general design, texture and materials of the buildings and its features, the relationship of the building and its features to other structures in the immediate neighborhood and the importance of the building to the neighborhood. Additionally, the Commission is to employ as a guideline in the evaluation process the following source:
Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, reprinted in Section V of the Handbook for Connecticut Historic District and Historic Properties Commissions (1988).

A copy may be requested from the State of Connecticut Commission of Culture and Tourism, 59 South Prospect Street, Hartford, CT. 06106.

The Standards describe in detail suitable materials, design and techniques. Photographs illustrate building form and scale as well as neighborhood and area spatial relationships. In addition, the bibliography provides a list of other sources.

Commission Review: Following are some actions by historic property owners which are reviewed by the Commission:

  • Masonry replacement and repointing
  • Extensive or total replacement of siding and roofing materials
  • Visible temporary or permanent additions to the dwelling, outbuilding or site. This includes signs, TV antennas, solar panels, fences, pools, decks, outbuildings and outdoor light fixtures.
  • Construction, alteration or enlargement of driveways or parking areas.
  • Methods and reasons for total paint removal.
  • Partial or entire window, storm window, door and storm door modification or replacement, except for exact replacement.
  • The addition, removal or replacement of window shutters.
  • The addition, removal or replacement of any architectural detail or ornament as discussed in the design guidelines.
  • Outdoor Signs.