Requirements: A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for the restoration, relocation, erection, demolition or exterior alteration of any building or structure within the Historic District. A Certificate of Appropriateness shall be required whether or not a building permit is required. Connecticut State Statute defines "building" as any combination of materials, other than a building affixed to, or resting on, the land including, but not limited to swimming pools, parking areas, driveways, road signs, fences, walls, sidewalks and lampposts.

The style, material, size and location of outdoor advertising, billboards, posters as well as signs and fences within the Historic District shall be under the control of this Commission. A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for industrial, commercial, business, home industry or occupational parking.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is not required for ordinary maintenance or repair which does not involve a change of design, form, size or appearance.

Forms: Applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness may be obtained from the Town Clerk's office in the Town Hall, Bentley Drive, Harwinton, CT. 06791. The forms must be signed by the owner(s) or formally authorized agent, and should describe clearly the proposed work. A written description, site plan, photographs of building or structure involved, adjacent buildings, and the project area are required. In the case of demolition, a plan depicting the site after the removal should be included. Completed forms may be submitted through the Town Clerk's office to the Harwinton Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, and shall be considered received as of the date of the Commission's next regularly scheduled meeting.

Pre-hearings held during a regular meeting provide applicants the opportunity to discuss contemplated work before the preparation of detailed plans and a formal application. Any architect, builder, owner or other person planning to work on a property in the Historic District is encouraged to meet with the Commission.

Procedures: Every application for a Certificate of Appropriateness is reviewed at a public hearing during the first regular meeting after receipt of the application following proper notification as required by law. Owners of properties within 100 feet of the subject property are notified by certified mail, and public notice of the hearing is given not more then fifteen days nor less then five days before the hearing date.

The Commission has up to 65 days from the date the formal application is received in which to render a decision, although in practice most are rendered within five days. The Harwinton Historic District and Historic Properties Commission may approve, deny or modify by imposing conditions of approval. Public notice of the decision is given, and written notice is sent to the applicant.

Consideration of Applications: In considering an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness, the Commission had no requirements as to specific architectural form or style. There is no mandate to favor the past over the present. Some change is inevitable and at times beneficial. The town, therefore, through the offices of the Historic District and it's commission is concerned only that all new structures or artifacts introduced into the Disricts and all changes to structures already existing be appropriate, be competently designed, and show respect for their immediate neighbors and for the Districts as a whole.

Variations: Occasionally, the Commission may permit variation from established practice because of topographical conditions or unusual circumstances. Special stipulations and conditions intended to preserve the character of the Historic District may be imposed, and the Historic District and Historic Properties Commission seeks to hold such variations to a minimum. No variations should be considered as having established a precedent.

Expiration of Certificate of Appropriateness: A Certificate of Appropriateness shall become null and void at a time specified by the Commission, but unless otherwise specified, the period shall not exceed one year.

Transfers: If the property is transferred prior to the commencement or completion of the proposed work, the new owner, upon request to the Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, shall be able to obtain a renewal of the Certificate of Appropriateness for the remainder of the original time period.