The establishment of Historic Districts in Connecticut was authorized by the Connecticut General Statutes, Section 7-147a through 7-147k, inclusive, as enacted and amended from time to time.

The establishment of the Historic Districts in Harwinton was enabled by the Town of Harwinton Historic District Ordinance, enacted by votes of approval by the required number of property owners in each of the two districts and by the vote of the town. The ordinance established the districts as of April 17, 1990. On October 23rd, 2001, this ordinance was ammended to include Historic Properties. Should there be any ambiguities, conflicts, or omissions in our handbook or on this website, the pertinent Town ordinance and State Statutes prevail. Copies of the Town Ordinance may be obtained from the Town Clerk, and copies of the State Statute from the office of the Connecticut Commission of Culture and Tourism, 59 South Prospect Street, Hartford, CT. 06106.