"Harwinton Cemeteries"
by Raymond Bentley

There are five public cemeteries and three private burying grounds in Harwinton. The five public cemeteries are named for their location in the town. They are the Center Cemetery at the corner of Burlington Road and South Roads; North Cemetery on the east side of North Road just north of the Congregational Church; East Cemetery on the east side of the Terryville Road south of the intersection of Burlington Road; South Cemetery on the west side of South Road approximately 1/4 mile south of the center green and West Cemetery, located on Cemetery Road 1/4 mile north of Litchfield Road.

The private burying grounds are all located on Wildcat Hill Road. At the top of the hill, on the west side of the road, is the Scoville Burying Ground. Further south, in front of the Connecticut Light and Power substation, is the Hayden Tomb, and about 100 yards to the north, in the woods, are two gravestones marking the graves of other Haydens.

It may be of some interest to people to know something about the establishment of all of the burying grounds. For that reason I have researched the records in the Town Offices and visited the cemeteries to learn what I could about them.