T. A. Hungerford Memorial Library and Museum

The T.A. Hungerford Memorial Library and Museum is one of Harwinton’s best kept secrets.

Shortly before his death in 1903, A Harwinton boy who had gone out into the world and did very well, Theodore Hungerford, was considering the building of a suitable mausoleum. A nephew, Newman Hungerford, who had spent many summers in Harwinton and loved the town, encouraged his uncle to consider donating a library building and trust fund for its maintenance as his memorial. The elder Hungerford liked the idea, wrote the provision into his will, including the fact that a tomb would be included in the foundation of the building, and made Newman the trustee of the project.

Today, although no longer serving the town as a public library, the Museum offers a glimpse into Harwinton’s past through the many items on display. Throughout the summer a featured display is Civil War artifacts and a display of Quilts.

Neuman Hungerford collected artifacts of the town’s history, a practice that has been carried on and has formed the basis of the Library-Museum’s current collection.

Another featured display is the civil war collection where many item s are displayed under glass.

There is also displays on early crafts, paintings, furniture, old dishes and woodenware, Indian Baskets, mortors and arrowheads found in Harwinton, Photo albums, ancient diaries and a lot more.

On May 1st, 2011, the Hungerford Museum, was listed on the Connecticut Register of Historic Places by the Connecticut Historic Preservation Council.

The Museum is open on the following Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and admission is FREE!

2014 Summer Special Exhibits include items from World War I.

For special appointment please call Dane or Carol at 485-0517

Come on in and see and learn what the past was like in our home town.