Harwinton Men of Distinction
Early Years (continued)

Lewis Catlin
The Hon. Lewis Catlin served several sessions in the General Assembly as representative from Harwinton. He was also a Senator from this district in 1871. He was our Town Clerk for over a quarter of a century. He was the son of the first Lewis Catlin, who was in the Continental Army and helped carry General Benedict Arnold when he was wounded in the battlefield at Saratoga.

George Wylles
George Wylles was supposedly a Harwinton man and he served as Secretary of State longer then anyone ever has. He was in office from 1735 to 1796, an unprecedented 61 years.

Note: To date I cannot validate his Harwinton presence. A Hezekiah Wylles was one of the first proprietors.

Jonathan Brace
Here is another man who was born in 1754 on a Harwinton farm owned by his Father. He was a Yale graduate, became a lawyer, and moved to Vermont where he was the State's Attorney and a member of the board of censors. He relocated to Hartford and was elected to the House of Representatives, became a Senator and was appointed Judge of Probate for the district of Hartford. He was Mayor of Hartford from 1815 to 1825. He was also a member of Congress from the first district.

Theodore A. Hungerford
Theodore Hungerford was born here in 1838 and was the son of a well known local merchant. He left Harwinton behind and, as a young man, did very well in Chicago in the publishing business. The museum at Sunset Hill was built by his nephew, Neuman Hungerford and stands as a memorial to him. It is said that Theodore is entombed in a wall somewhere in the basement.